Samsung Galaxy A21s My First Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy A21s My First Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy A21s My First Unboxing Hello Friends, Today we have [Kidding Mode] Why so early ? Hello Friends, Today we have [Angry] What ?? Then When I will smash my hand on table Today we have Samsung Galaxy A21s We are unboxing this box You find Samsung Galaxy A21s written in side Without any further delay lets UNBOX Back Side

You will get pricing information In front of box you will get phone and paper work Lets remove that paper work [Kidding] Let me do unbox Come Out Oh…Come On Come Out This is paper work there is no need we will burn it stay tuned never neeeded in my whole life Keep this aside This one is Sim Ejector

Tool for inserting and removing SIM n Card And finally we have the Galaxy A21s for which you are waiting For right now ! this phone aside n see box content Charger this one is 15 W fast charger And the cables are of Type C. You can see that Type C And Unfortunately in this box there is no mobile cover & also no earphones this is very bad Now next lets watch the sepcs of this phone

Finally in the techsi style see the physical overview of this phone this is my 3D model phone Be with us for phy sical specifications then in front we have 6.5 inch dispaly 16.63 cm HD+ infinty “O” display we have a punch hole camera in front in surrounded cirlce of display and this camera is of 13MP and on the upper side there is sec. microphone In the right side we have volume button and power button and in the left side there is dedicated dual sim Slot… with one Memory Card in the bottom you will get four things

1. 3.5mm jack no work becoz no earphone and no case also then tpye c charger port then primary mic and then speaker And in back side there is quad camera setup and this is fingersensor what’s in the quad camera 1.48MP main camera 2. 8MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera 3. 2MP Depth Sensor 4. 2MP Macro so this is the physical overview then after setting up this phone lets do the real testing.

Phone is booting let’s begin beofore testing this phone i would like to say that this phone has 5000mAh battery and its processor is Octa-Core Processor i.e. Samsung Exynos 850 and this 850 Processor is based on 8nm then this combo gives a high performance & very high back up to battery life and we have used this….and in full charge it takes 2 hrs and we have used a whole day it gives back up more than one day and for normal usage this phone is

best and you use whole a day without charging now lets first see the fingersensor finger print sensor is good normally it is faster than older samsung devices in contrast it is faster and also enhanced fingersenor it work above on the av erage and then lets try face unlock you can see on the screen the face unlock it work better in proper and dim lighting then after you will get latest version of android that is android 10 and then samsung’s one ui 2.1 version.

then now test the speakers [testing speaker] not much loud but it can be managed not much loud we can say it average now finally lets talk about camera 48 MP is given then something special this phone have. you can see the samples photo , ultrawide angle, live focus selfie, macro, video also you can see the samples which are on the screen and yess we tried that all things and samples means if you really want to take this phone then go and check the description there you will find a folder and in that folder there is everything that

you should know in that folder how phone looks in the real environment also you will get a pdf file where you can see specs at a glance and also camera samples….means you will find everything that you should know beofore buying there is 2 variants of this phone 4 64 at 15,999 INR and 6 64 at 17499 INR and this is our 1st unboxing then tell our mistake Samsung Galaxy A21s My First Unboxing

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