NEW iPad Air with TouchID

NEW iPad Air with TouchID

NEW iPad Air with TouchID The iPad lineup is getting pretty crowded lately with the iPad, the iPad Air, the iPad Pro, and this new 2019 iPad Mini that Apple just released. They all do pretty much the same thing.

To get any real work done, you’ll still need a laptop or a desktop computer, but sometimes it’s nice to have a bigger screen to read or watch movies on. Today though, we’ll be assessing the durability and build quality of the littlest iPad. You already know how the iPad Pro handled this durability test. Let’s hope

the Apple’s iPad Mini is builta bit stronger. Let’s get started. [Intro] You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Man, thatiPad Mini looks kind of old. What year is it?’ And you’re right. The exterior design hasn’t changed much inthe last 7 years. It has that lightning port on the bottom insteadof USB-C, but does come with a fast charger in the box…something that Apple has yetto include with their iPhones. The overall appearance of the new iPad Miniis the same as it was back in 2012, with its large bezels and curved edges, but if it works,it works.

Let’s start with the scratch test. I’ll use my set of Mohs mineral picks to check the hardness level of the front surface. We’ve seen clear plastic screens scratch at level 3. Glass screens would scratch at a level 6, and sapphire screens, like the Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 will scratch at a level 8 or 9. The iPad Mini 5 looks like it’s covered in tempered glass since we see the industry-standard scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7. The 7-megapixel selfie camera is up here in the top Texas-sized bezel protected with the same scratch-resistant glass. The little guy is unable to do face unlock but does film in 1080p.

The bottom bezel includes some hardware wehaven’t seen since 2015 – a physical clicky home button. Yeah, it’s still scratch resistant and doesthat fingerprint scanning thing. Apple must just have a bunch of old partsthey’re trying to get rid of with this new release. The gold colored 2019 iPad Mini is made frommetal, along with both of the volume buttons up here at the top. Speaking of old school hardware, let’s welcomeback the headphone jack. Apple

trying to milk an old design for more money does have it perks for the rest of us. Maybe they’ll bring back the iPhone SE this year too. The iPad Mini does have one little microphone hole up at the top, but we’ll come back to this later. We have more metal over here on the left side of the tablet. You can see that silver glinting through under the gold anodizing. So far, no big issues. The bottom of the iPad Mini has dual stereo speakers and the same lightning port that Apple’s

been using for the past seven years. We should see an update to USB-C at some point. One thing I am glad to see though is thatthere’s no weak points along either of the iPad Mini sides. The longer and thinner something is, the moreprone it might be to breaking like the iPad Pro. With it’s microphone cutout on one side, andwireless charging dock for the Apple pencil on the other side, it made an already fragilepiece of tech even weaker. That’s probably why people were getting brandnew tablets bent right out of the box.

The iPad Mini doesn’t have any of these builtindeformities on the long sides, just the one microphone hole up at the top on the short side. Hopefully, this helps the iPad Mini survive the rest of this test. The 8 megapixels 1080p capable rear facing camera is a circular inlay with no protruding camera lens. Apple doesn’t mention sapphire on their website for this iPad Mini, but judging by my diamond selector tool and scratches at levels 6, 7, and 8, they’re using the same material they’ve always been using. No surprises there. One thing that has improved with this years model is the front of the tablet is now compatible with the Apple pencil 1 – NEW iPad Air with TouchID

 also 4 years oldat this point. (Everything sold separately.) The back side of the tablet is also compatiblewith the Apple pencil if you believe in yourself, but I recommend something a little sharper. I asked on Twitter a few days ago what peoplewanted to learn from Art Class with Jerry and Thanos was suggested. As somewhat of an expert in fine razor bladeart, I’ll do my best. Bald guys are pretty easy to draw.

And here we are…Thanos eating an apple. Not sure if this is pre or post universal destruction, but it looks to me like Thanos did nothing wrong. One thing you can add to your tablet before it gets scratched or after it gets scratched is a brand skin. This particular skin camouflages not only the scratches but also the Apple logo…effectively debranding the tablet, making it perfectly balanced as all things should be. I’ll put a link in the description so you can customize your own phone or tablet.

Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. One thing that Apple changed with version4, and subsequently this version 5, is the outer glass is now glued to the LCD screen underneath it, making screen repairs quite a bit more expensive. Replacing the front glass on the iPad Mini3

 only cost about $20. Once Apple started laminating the glass tothe LCD, the repair price skyrocketed to the point where people just live with crackedscreens nowadays. Kind of fun. After about 16 seconds of intense flame, the7.9 inch LCD pixels go black and turn off, but do eventually come back to life and makea full recovery…hopefully like the Avengers will recover in Endgame. NEW iPad Air with TouchID

The iPad Pro failed my bend test catastrophically,and it’s time now to see if the miniature iPad will suffer the same fate. With the initial flex the tablet moves easilyinto an extremely compromised obtuse angle, but then locks out and amazingly retains fullfunctionality. I’m impressed that Apple has found a way todefy physics. The tablet is still fully functional despitethe massive bend, and this isn’t even a flexible AMOLED display – it’s an LCD. I’ll try bending the iPad Mini 5 back theother direction, and it pops into place…mostly, but does not allow any flex towards

the screensize. It still surprisingly doesn’t shatter or stopworking. There is some adhesive separation betweenthe glass and the frame. Yeah, Thanos has some curves, but some peopleare into that. Apple definitely wins this round. That was quite possible the biggest bend I’veever seen on a device that still survived. The iPad Mini is way more durable than theiPad Pro. I’m impressed. NEW iPad Air with TouchID

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