Blackview BV9600 Pro unboxing Indestructible Phone

Blackview BV9600 Pro unboxing Indestructible Phone

Blackview BV9600 Pro unboxing Indestructible Phone Gordon within this boxhey this is black views b-v 9600 Pro I’ve been about to unbox effective trying to get out of the box what’s so special about so what’s special about this phone is it is a rugged phone, of course, rugged phones the ones your contractors have like the moto or no this is not like that this is

a phone that this company holy smokes it back they really really taped it in there for such a rugged phone they tape the package pretty rugged to I don’twant to actually cut the phone but you know what I don’t really have to worry about that now do I this is one mother big phone it is a 6.2 inch super AMOLED like to cut the box a little bit with a massive huge battery 500 milliampsimmediate

tech but what is it their claim to fame is this is rugged now I’ma big fan of rugged phones my personal phone is a phone just a pixel pixel toexcel but you know like get a case on it you’ve got a ruggedized it and this is apixel to excel generally pretty small phone and what kind of case is that ohthis is just the OtterBox Defender right it’s what you do this phone you knowapparently even need one of these cases they have videos on their website wherethey take from

this phone they drop it off looks like about the second storyfrozen and ice they put it in liquid nitrogen they light it on fire theyhammer nails in hammer nails with the stream yeah I mean it’s just let’s justsee I’m more worried about actually hurting myself or the nearby laptop thisthing it feels like it’s a bit dirty yeah it feels like it and you know againjust we’re not gonna get on the specs or well getting out later but it’s amediatek helio piece sixty basically you

know standard big core little core acore CPU SoC most rugged phones that I have seenI’ve seen the cat s60 there’s some old Verizon phone that I have sitting aroundin a box they don’t generally give you high performance SOC s like you mightget in a pixel 3 or an iPhone because those chips make a lot of heat it’sreally hard to dissipate the heat in these rugged phones and they really putall of it into the

ruggedness this thing is waterproof up they have video ofpeople swimming underwater with it we should have brought some water here butI’m sure it’s fine it says it’s actually yes submersible IP 68 IP 68 I think it’sa dual sim or at least it’s uh yeah it looks like it’s a dual sim Wow that’spretty cool but the big thing is it’s rugged I mean you’re not gonna worryabout this but it’s also huge

I mean look at this this is the pixel to pixelto excel with the case this is probably the only other phone that I can think ofthat’s bigger the red hydrogen and of course for a little bit of scale aniPhone XS max no I see that’s a ball that is just a big phone but that’s Csurprisingly it’s not as big as I thought it would be right really not redit’s huge yeah I mean the red is huge hey you know in the build material Imean you you you know it looks rugged it doesn’t it doesn’t look like it’s

tryingto hide the facts no it’s guys you know for people who who have their FJcruisers or jeeps or big off-road vehicles this is nice this is where yourcontractor who comes in with the the plumbers the butt crack and this is whatthey would have but look at this the nice thing about this is you don’t youdon’t have to put it in the case to make it ruggedized that’s what most people dothey take a nice one they recognize it this thing I bet I could hammer anotherphone to death with this you take another nother phone you just

hammeredto death so the one thing is I want to know whatyou want us to do with this thing so we are going to actually let’s take a lookat the little I wanna see oh no that’s thatthat doesn’t look that waterproof though I gotta say okay scats it’s got gasketsyou’re fine until that gasket gives out basically everything is waterproof untilit isn’t from my experience I probably would’ve been better with a isom orsomething there is a fingerprint reader on the side it says dust proof well aswaterproof it’s gonna be dust proof probably for turning out volumethey

also say an in-stream fingerprint reader but I don’t know about that yeahI’ll have to see it it is AMOLED screen AMOLED it does say some CD may supportbut honestly it’s gonna be a GSM phone right Android eight yeah got the notchof course you know so it’s the hip trendy thing oh yeah it does have anotch how do you like that even this thing has a knotchyeah so we don’t need worry too much about setting it upyeah we’re just I just want to turn on here but yeah again Blackview BV9600 Pro unboxing Indestructible Phone

I so what we want toknow from you viewers is what to do with this phone I’ve seen videos or people inliquid nitrogen like that fire they put it it looks like they put it in CoolWhip or something I don’t know what kind of a test that is but they put it inCool Whip I don’t think people have blended it I’ve seen it in videos wherepeople put it in a fish tank my guess is I want it just hammer take another phoneand basically see if I can hammer that thing to death with this phone will willdo a drop test well of course the water test will try to burn it a little bit Idon’t think I really want to hit it with a full blowtorch

I can bring in ablowtorch really what happens like I mean last test we could try to shoot itI’m not sure I’m pretty sure that will kill it but maybe we could try like a 22or something but look I’m gonna look at that man you wouldn’t want to do thattear no I would not like that two thousand dollar note nine right so we’reyou know I is it rubber so the rubberized seems tohold it no I mean probably I bet that such as rat wipes right off Thanks yeahwell you you tell us what you want us to do with it so we’ll take some of thebest answers yeah go t

o comments let us know what you do want to do with it and no we’re not gonna jam it up someplace but let us know and we’ll try the best answers as Adam said and you know I I really want to see I mean this thing just feels like a tank it just feels like nice I kind of wonder if it works on my network I may want to give it a try I knew you’d be into it six gigs hundred twenty-eight gigs I think or 64 gigs 64 128 gigs ofstorage yeah there’s some thoughts pretty nice for work and play you knowand again not gonna be the highest performance MediaTek

processor but I gotta say looking at performance maybe half of what current phones are but it’s rugged phone list if I can rub off all that look at that good as new perfect I gotta get right back out to giving you an estimate on doing some plumbing somebody’s house they’re gonna let us now go to comments tell us you wanted what you want us to do with this BlackVue bv 9600 Pro to see if we can break it

Blackview BV9600 Pro unboxing Indestructible Phone

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