Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST

Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST

Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST Hello and welcome to a new video on the channel! Today as you can see we got a really interesting package from Blackview. They sent me their newest phone model that are meant for workers on construction grounds and such. It is called the Blackview BV6800 Pro. It is a really damage resistant phone. The box itself is very pretty.

I have to say, it looks like there is a €700 phone in there. This phone costs around 1.800 kunas (around €242.83). First I will pull out the headphones out of the box. They have a silicone cable and they are really well made. You can see that they are long enough and they have a 3.5mm audio jack just as any ordinary headphones you would find in a store. You can use these headphones with normal smartphones.

Now I’ll leave the headphones to the side. The next thing I will pull out is the charging brick. This charging brick is actually pretty interesting. On it you have outputs which are 5, 7 and 9 Volts of 2Amps and a 12 Volt output of 1.5Amps. That means you can charge several devices at once. The next thing we have is a 3.5mm port for the headphones. I think because this phone is an IP68 is why they removed the audio jack. So they simply put an extension for the charger

port. Personally, I don’t really like this, but I don’t think that this is a problem for field workers since they won’t listen to music while working. But they came up with a solution for that problem also. Now I put that aside and I pull out the charging cable. This is a special cable since the phone doesn’t have the Type C charging port. We also got a small extension in which you can put the Type C cables and transform any ordinary cable into the one that can charge the phone.

Now I will plug in the original cable into the outlet. And we connect the phone to the cable. As you can see, we are charging the phone without any problems. So you have a little indicator light that tells you that the phone is being charged. If your cable breaks or you somehow damage it you can use an ordinary cable. (I charge my Samsung A5 with this one.) These cables go on any Android phone. But it doesn’t fit in this phone because this is a waterproof and dustproof phone. We got the little extension in which you plug in the Type C cable.

You put it in the phone and charge it normally. We got the little red light which means it’s charging. And for the finale we have the phone itself. For which I can say that it is pretty heavy. I believe it is heavy because of the huge battery inside. But we’ll get to it later. We also get another screen protector since one is already on it and the this one is a spare. It is just an ordinary screen protector which can go on any phone it fits. And here are the instructions which we don’t need. So regarding the phone, we just need to remove this foil.

The phone, on the first look, feels and looks really phenomenal. It is heavy and it has a battery (6580mAmps). Which means it will last you a long time. The construction of the phone is really robust, it has a lot of these little protectors. There are no plastic parts like on normal smartphones. It is made to really withstand weight and the falls. The outer edge is made from metal. It has a fingerprint sensor, it has dual back cameras and one front facing camera, the dual cameras are 16 megapixels and the front is 8, the screen is 5,7 inches, full

HD, the operating system is an Android 8.0, regarding the strength we have the IP-68 which basically means that the phone is immune to everything. That is it for the specifications, now we will test it a little bit! The setup of the phone is the same as any other phone. You have the initial “Welcome”, you choose the language, time, Wi Fi, accounts, and all that good stuff. Same as any other phone, nothing was changed. This is actually a normal smartphone, just the body is a little more heavy-duty. As you can see, we already set up the

phone in just a few steps. I can say that I really like the scrolling feature here. The apps are sorted from A to Z. There are many apps. I also like the wallpaper. The glass is made from a quality material. And it is also on the whole front side of the phone. The toolbar is the same as any other smartphone. You have the Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Locations and all those things. There are alot of apps, from Google to all others. When you are putting in the Micro SD card and the SIM card, there will be a little difficulty. I suggest that you use a scalpel since you won’t damage the slot since it is made out of metal.

The slot will be a little harder to remove since it has a sealing rubber which prevents dust and water from getting in it. There also aren’t any insignificant plastic pieces. Everything is made out of metal. The phone is of great quality, they really worked around every detail there is. They really made a good “survival” phone as I would call it. Now you will see how the fingerprint sensor works. It works perfectly. I am using this phone for around 2-3 hours now and I am constantly using the fingerprint sensor. And I have to

say that it hasn’t given up on me. As you can see, I can turn off and use the sensor perfectly as much as I want. I also tried with other fingers and it didn’t unlock which is the point. The back facing camera is 16 megapixels and the front facing one is 8 which is great. You have more options like video, photo, face beauty, blur, mono, which gives you a little darker shade, panorama and pro. On the pro setting you can customize everything. Now we’ll get back to the photo.

You also have some effects, believe it or not! You have about 9 of them and I can say that they are pretty interesting. You have some kind of outline on a black canvas, you have a sea option, beauty, all kinds of options. I really didn’t expect this much from this phone. If you want the front facing camera you press the button in the top right corner. As you can see, solid quality. I can confidently say that this phone is great! The 8 megapixels do a great job. So now that we have seen the technical part of this phone now we will test it a bit. Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST

Since this is a “worker” phone we will go on our imaginary construction site and instead of the pocket, we will drop it into the mud. Of course accidentaly, nothing is on purpose. So you just pick it up from the mud and shake it a bit. And just go to a tap and wash it off. Simply wash it. As you can see, just open the tap and wash it. The IP-68 allows you to wash it under water. The 6 indicates that the phone is waterproof from 1 meter below. So it isn’t just light splashing. And the 8 indicates that the phone is dustproof. I can firmly

say that this phone is resistant to everything. It is really made for field work. It isn’t so fancy that a highschooler would use it. I also had a similar phone when I went to highschool. I won’t say the name of the brand. But I can say that we used to throw it around and play football with it and it wasn’t damaged. Now we will chuck it in this bucket full of water. And of course, nothing happend to it.

I didn’t actually find anything deeper than this bucket but I am sure that it would survive that also. And since it survived this, no doubt it would survive anything deeper. As you can see, it still works without any problems. We throw it again. And again. And again. And again. Now it fell on the side. I’ll pull it out so we can see if it turned off. And it hasn’t, it’s still with us. Now we’ll go to the other test. In this test, you are working in your workspace and the Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST

phone is on the edge of the table and it falls on the ground. An ordinary smartphone would probably break on this test. But to this phone this is no match. So you just pick it up, brush it off and continue. You don’t have to start praying to God that it didn’t break. Now we will try to impersonate Croatia Airlines. We take the phone which works as you can see and let’s throw it around 10 meters. I’ll go check if anything happened to it. But spoiler, nothing happened.

Now I’ll kick it a little so it comes alive. And now I’ll show you that the phone really works. Still works perfectly. So I think that if you are bored at work you can throw it around like a frisbee. Now I’ve thrown it into the mud and I stepped on it just for good measure. But to no avail, it still works! You just brush off the mud and that’s it. I can say that the phone is really durable. Now we will go onto a little more extreme experiment. I will run it over with a tank. Just kidding,

I will run it over with a car. So I’ve just thrown it in the mud and ran over it and it still stayed in one piece. It just moved a little. But it wasn’t damaged. There wasn’t even a smudge on the screen. And I actually removed the screen protector before the test and the screen doesn’t have a dot or a scratch on it. Also, if you’re bored while you’re working you can just run over the phone and it will survive.

On this last test it still had the protector but I still scratch with a scalpel it no matter what. Even with the opposite blade. But it isn’t a problem for it. Even if the protector is on the screen, the actual screen didn’t get damaged at all. No scratches, no dots, nothing. Now I’ll take the scalpel and I’ll scratch the actual screen. I will start off slowly and I’ll even hit it a little. but nothing happened to it since it is Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST

built to withstand everything. You can see that it isn’t fake or anything. It is made solidly. I’ll just turn it like this so you can see for yourself. Now we came to the end of this video. So if anyone is a field worker and is fed up with paying for new screens this is the best choice for you! I’m not saying this just because they sponsored this video but you also saw it for yourself. A car ran over it, I threw it around,

and the phone is reall for field workers. You can use it in everyday life just as I will because I am sick of buying new phones just because of cracked screens. The price of this phone in Croatia is around 18000 kunas Blackview BV6800 Pro ULTIMATE TEST

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