Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing Hands On Gold

Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing Hands On Gold

Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing Hands On Gold  Hi everyone. Muwen360 here doing with special video and that’s right I am unboxing the brand new Apple iPhone 6. It was announced earlier this month but today it’s finally available to the general public for purchase.

And right now unless you were the first ones to pre-order it, it might be a little tough to get your hands on one of these due to the overwhelming demand but you can always goto you your local Apple Store and see if they have spare units available which is what I did so thankfully since the area in which Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing Hands On Gold

I live in Connecticut is not that big, soI was able to secure a unit relatively quick. The one I have here is the contract-free modelof the iPhone 6 which retails for 649, and of course it’s also available through nationwidecarriers on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint for $199 with a two year-agreement and I am speakingin terms of US Dollars so pretty standard pricing scheme. You can also get the 6 inthree different color options. Space grey, silver and also Gold and I believe this oneis the gold version and we’ll verify that claim when we open the box. Also, you canbuy this in three different storage capacities, configurations, 16 gigs to start and the willincrease $100 when you to 64gigs, and all the way up to 128gigs of storage which ispretty amazing. So that’s kind of a quick rundown of the pricing if you’re lookinginto this. So this is the packaging for the iPhone 6. Kind of your typical Apple stylebox with the all white color scheme. And I was kind of surprised that there is not aphoto of the phone on the front here so that’s pretty weird and also on the sides of thebox we simply have the word “iPhone” written with the

Apple Logo and I was kind of expectingit to specify that it’s the “iPhone 6” instead of just writing “iPhone” but I guess that’show they’re doing this time. Buy anyways, On the back we have some brief informationabout the device which I’ll talk about as well, and also just some technical informationabout the phone located towards the bottom of the box. So enough talking, let me firstrip off this plastic wrap that’s covering the box. Here we go. Now let me just separatethe top from the bottom. And there you go. This is the Apple iPhone 6. Let’s get thisphone out. So this is the iPhone 6, the Gold version so I was right. It feels nice in thehand, Pretty thin and light now but I’ll set this to the side for now and take a look atwhat else we receive in the box. So let’s pull this tab. This is just a carton for thephone.

This is the information and the paperwork. So we get a iPhone 6 quick start guide sortof. iPhone info and also two Apple stickers. And then we get the wall charger, USB wallcharger. The lightning USB cable and the lightning to USB cable and also the Apple EarPods foryour music needs. So that’s really all we get inside the box. So now let’s bring overthe iPhone 6 itself and first of all it feels really good hold and it feels extremely solidas well. It’s made of mostly metal of course and the build quality is absolutely phenomenal.The front glass and the back metal has this smooth texture that makes it comfortable tohold. The front glass as you can see, folds slightly around the edges

so I guess the sharphard edges found on previous iPhones are gone. It also feels much thinner than before sothat’s also really nice. But Personally, I prefer the hard sharp edges, found on theiPhone 5S for example because I liked how the hard edges provided me with a better gripof the phone so I can have a sturdy of it. But I don’t hate the new design on the 6,I just think the hard edges were better at least for me. The iPhone is also much biggerin terms of size. It now sports a 4.7 inch screen increased from the 4 inch screen

 sizewe’ve seen for the last severl years. And I think 4.7 inches is a great size for phonesit’s kind of that middle ground if you will, between 4.5 inches which is on the smallerside and the 5 inches that’s on the bigger side. Especially at 4.7 inches, it’s veryportable and also you can easily use it with just one hand and it’s also a decent sizefor content consumption like watching videos for example. Whereas with 4.5 inches it’sportable, yes but a little bit on the smaller side for enjoying videos for example and whereaswith 5 inches yes, it’s

 a nice big display to watch all the videos you want, but youkind of sacrifice that portability. So 4.7 inches is a great form factor. And also thedisplay is now referred to as a Retina HD display. It’s got a resolution of 1334 by750 with a pixel density at 326 pixels per inch so not quite 1080P HD but still prettygood. Around the device, starting with the left side, we have the ring/silent switch,volume up and down keys, nothing up top. On the right, we have the on, off, sleep, andwake button as well as the sim card tray. At the bottom

, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,microphone hole. Lightning connector, and also the speakers. 1.2 megapixel Facetimecamera with 720p HD video recording, the ambient light sensor, and also the earpiece. Towardsthe bottom. we have the home button which also doubles up as the Touch ID sensor. 8megapixel iSight camera on the back with 1080p HD video recording capabilities at 30 or 60frames per second. Something to mention is the new iSight camera has this bulge so it’skind of protruding outwards. But next to that we h

ave another microphone and the LED flash.So now let’s go ahead and actually power on the device. There you go, it’s powering upthe Apple logo. Initial setup so it’s kind of taking a while I guess. Hello. Slide toto setup. Choose English. United States. Choose my WiFi connection. So let me enter in myWiFi password. Hit Join. May take a few minutes to activate your iPhone. Enable loca Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing Hands On Gold

tion services.Setup as new iPhone. I’ll skip this step. I’ll just enter that in later. Terms and conditions.Accept. Agree. Touch ID. Set up Touch ID later. Don’t add passcode. I’ll just not add a passcode.I’ll add it later. Continue so I can bring you guys the home screen. Use Siri. Automaticallysend. Share with app developers. i’ll do zoomed. Next. Welcome to iPhone. Get started. Alright so this is the home screen of the iPhone 6. As you can see it’s running the latest versionof iOS. It’s iOS 8. Pre-installed out of the box.on the iPhone 6.

Really nice and again the screen is super, super sharp and it definitely looks like a great phone. So this is it for this unboxing video of the iPhone 6. Thank you so much for watching. Please, please remember to subscribe to this channel since over the next week or so, I will be doing all sorts of tests and demos with the iPhone 6, and also a full in-depth review of the device as well so please make sure to hit that subscribe button when those videos come out. Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing Hands On Gold

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