Tecno Spark 4 Lite Unboxing and Impressions

Tecno Spark 4 Lite Unboxing and Impressions

Tecno Spark 4 Lite Unboxing and Impressions And this is the unboxing of TECNO Spark 4 Lite, and our first impressions. We have been seeing for some time TECNO is launching very interesting phones in the mid range and budget price range and from the price range of Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 30,000 the influence of

TECNO is increasing slowly. The phones I have done in this channel till today among them this is the least priced phone It is surely a budget and entry level type of phone from TECNO. And the retail price is set to Rs. 13,500/- in Pakistan, and if you are interested to buy this phone then I will leave a link in the description you can use that. So, today we will see, that in the price point of Rs. 13,500/-

what can you get? In Pakistan TECNO Spark 4 Lite will launch in a single variant with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage and there will be 2 colours Blue and our today’s device meaning Midnight Black. Obviously considering the price you can understand that that the specifications of the phone will not be amazing but will absolutely be entry level specifications. If unbox and see what else comes with the phone then the most main thing is that a plastic case comes with it.

Even at a higher price range than this we have seen that a lot phone does not come with a case so, this is actually a really great thing. The phone also comes with a screen protector which you have to apply by yourself, but I am happy to see this as well it is better than nothing, because a lot of phones in the higher price range comes without a screen protector too which becomes very inconvenient. Along with it you also get a charger of 1.2 Amps in the box basically, think

of it as 6W its speed will be around 5W. If we talk about the design of the phone as I told you before being an entry level budget phone the whole construction of TECNO Spark 4 Lite is of Plastic. There are 2 colors options of the phone Black and Blue. An interesting thing about this phone’s design is that it has a removable back so, you have to remove the back in order to inset the SIM. As you can see here there is a place for 2 SIMs and a place to insert a micro SD card. It has been so

long I have not removed any phone’s back like this. So, as you can see that the phone comes with a full dual SIM support you will be able insert 2 SIMs and a micro SD card, all together. If we talk about the button placement and ports its power button is given on the right side of the phone, on the top of which its volume rockers are present, whereas at the bottom there is only a headphone jack present and its micron USB Port and if we talk about its speaker the speaker is given in a very unique place basically the speaker is given here on the back which

I am personally seeing for first time in a phone then again its a budget phone so you have to give sacrifice in some things like these. One great thing is that fingerprint sensor is also given in the phone you don’t see a fingerprint sensor in this price range, in Rs. 18,000 to 19,000 price range we have also seen that is often not available, so, this is a great thing. If we talk about the display of this phone, then in TECNO Spark 4 Lite there’s a 6.52 inches of IPS LCD panel which has a resolution of HD+ that is 720 x 1600 which makes it pixel density 269 ppi. There is a dewdrop on the top of the display there is no hole-punch cutout given here. If we talk about the cameras you will get a very a basic kind of setup here as well at the back of the phone there’s an 8MP shooter

and there’s an 8MP selfie shooter at the front too. I am also including some samples from this phone with this video so, that you can see its performace, but then again you expect a very basic type of performance from it. Moving forward if we talk about the internals and specifications of this phone there is a Helio A22 chipset given here which is based on 12nm architecture along with it there is a GPU of PowerVR.

Now this is a quad-core chipset which again you should surely expect with the price this is absolutely a basic entry level chipset you can not expect any high level performance from it if you do casual gaing this chipset will run PUBG but it will run on very low settings and it is possible that you will feel some lag here and there your normal type of usage that is everyday usage of a person like watching videos, social media apps, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, will easily run those kinds of things.

If you watch a lot of videos on your phone there should not be any issue there as well, but because its speaker is rear mounted and does not have a great quality so, if you watch a lot of movies I would suggest that you should use its handfree headset your experience will get a lot better. In day-to-day usage you might feel some stutter here and there. If we talk about the interface the phone comes with Android 9 out of the box on top of which there is TECNO’s own HiOS present, which to some extent is refined but i really liked its Android 10 version.

but this one is very basic. again due to its price you cannot complain too much in this price point. If we talk about the battery and charging setup in TECNO Spark 4 Lite there is a 4,000mAH battery has been installed As I told you before the phone comes with a 6W power brick out of the box which means that this phone will take 2.5-3 hours to charge completely and once, it is fully charged I

think that your 1 to 2 days will be spent easily with this phone the biggest reason for that is its 720p display and the processor it has is very under powered won’t drain too much battery. Obviously, in the price of Rs. 13,000/- you should expect a very basic kind of product I have never covered a phone cheaper than this on my channel so, according to me this is a very great thing that in a budget price segment

a brand like TECNO is playing and whatever you call it, call it a basic type of specs but I did not find these specs to be disappointing according to the price. As in Pakistan the capacity of people buying a phone is very low so according to that to bring a mass market type of product in this price point is a great thing according to me.

But I would like to know what are your thoughts about the TECNO Spark 4 Lite? Do let me know in the comment section below. And are there any such products in the price range of Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 which you like very much or is there any upcoming products you want me to cover in this channel, then absolutely tell me about it as well, Tecno Spark 4 Lite Unboxing and Impressions

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