Samsung IS THIS THE END The first-ever Galaxy Note was launched back in2011, it most certainly singlehandedly kickstarted the large-screen trend and became widely accepted as the first commercially-successful phablet and it pioneered what is now one of the most popular and successful smartphone lineups to date. It’s amazing to consider that what started as an experiment has blossomed into a category of its own.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has been atthe forefront of smartphone evolution since its launch. But it seems it won’t be the case anymorebecause as of now Samsung has no plans of launching the successor to the Galaxy Note20. As a Galaxy Note fan, it really pains me tosay this but it seems this is the end of the iconic Galaxy Note line. We have multiple credible sources tellingthe same thing! Starting with Ice Universe who previouslysaid there will be a Galaxy Note 21 later in 2021 but now claims

that there is currentlyno information on the development of the Galaxy Note 21 series. Samsung usually starts working on the Notelineup around 8 months prior to the launch but having no information on it is certainlynot a great sign. Max Winebach who revealed detailed specs andfeatures of the Galaxy S21 lineup yesterday dropped the bomb seemingly confirming IceUniverse’s tweet that there won’t be a

Galaxy Note 21 next year. He says Samsung’s 2021 roadmap includes seven major releases, but not a single Galaxy Note 21 device. Those are S21, S21+, and Ultra in January, S20 FE in the second half of the year, and the foldable Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and Z fold. Z Fold FE is going to be an affordable foldable phone which is amazing, we’ve heard rumors about the affordable foldable phone for a while and it seems it’s finally happening next year. Max also mentions at least three of those seven devices will include support for the S Pen. And those are going to be the S21 Ultra, Samsung IS THIS THE END

sold 3, and Z Fold FE. By the way, it seems Samsung is going to skip the number 2 on the Z Flip to align the numbering system with the Z Fold 3. With foldable phones being the next major focus for Samsung, it would make sense to prioritize the Galaxy Z Fold series and I’m happy that the foldable lineup is finally getting the S Pen feature with a dedicated slot for it. But ending the Note line now is the most stupid decision they could take when the Z Fold is nowhere near the

Galaxy Note as far as thenumber of shipments or the fan base is concerned. Yes, they are giving S Pen support to theS21 Ultra but unless it has a dedicated slot for it, it’s pointless. People don’t want to keep track of the penand most likely lose it. So it’s not going to be the alternative tothe Note. And besides, the Note is more than the S Pen. For instance, many people buy it for its boxydesign and updated and perfected features. And not having a worthy competitor to

the iPhone lineup in the fall is going to hurt Samsung since the Z Fold is still a gimmick to a lot of people. In my opinion, Samsung is ending the Note line too early. Maybe a couple of years from now would have been sensible because at that time Foldables

would be mainstream but it really disappoints me to see this lineup go after all these years. 9 years of being the fan favorite, it would be a shame to finally see that come to an end. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out! Samsung IS THIS THE END

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