Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones First Look

Samsung's New Galaxy S10 Phones First Look

Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones First Look Samsung just announced four new phones. I only have three because I can’t hold them all. That includes the Galaxy S10e, the GalaxyS10, the high-end Galaxy S10+ and then the even more high-end Galaxy S105G, which is coming in the second quarter.

Here’s what you needto know about them. The highlight feature is the new InfinityO display, which runs from top to bottom and left to right. And there’sjust a little cutout for the camera. All of the phones have 128 gigabytesof storage on the base model, which is enough for most people. But you canstill expand that with a micro SD card as you could with previous models.They all have an

IP68 water resistance rating so you can drop inthe pool. You don’t have to worry about it. Another favorite new featureof mine is called Wireless Power Share. So you can turn it onin the menu, and then wirelessly charge something like headphones by just dropping themon the back of your phone, which is really cool. Or if you wantedto share some of your battery life with a friend, even if they haveanother

phone, you can put the phones together and the one will begincharging off of the other’s battery. And another really cool feature, insteadof having a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone or relying onFace ID, this has a fingerprint reader built into the screen. So you just toucha specific area, and it starts to recognize your prints. And when youare unlocking the phone, even when it’s idle and the screen’s off,

you can just tap the fingerprint area and it’ll automatically unlock for you. One of the standout features of the larger Galaxy S10+ is that you can take portrait photos with a front-facing camera. OK, that’s a quick first look at Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 family. The three LTE phones, the GalaxyS10e start at $749. The Galaxy S10 starts at $899. The Galaxy S10+starts at $999. These will be released on March 8. Then there’s the GalaxyS10 5G, which launches in the second quarter, and pricing for that has not yet been announced.

Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Phones First Look

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