NEW MOBILE CHAHIYE A Short Movie Aayu and Pihu Show

NEW MOBILE CHAHIYE A Short Movie Aayu and Pihu Show

NEW MOBILE CHAHIYE A Short Movie Aayu and Pihu Show Hi Friends I am going to demand new mobile from Mom. Let us watch, weather I will get a mobile or not? Please like & Share this video. You will enjoy a lot. 2000, Party 4000 Return gift 1000 Shoes 700 Aayu jumping What are you doing Mom? I am planning Pihu’s birthday party. Show it to me. Hmmm…..

Look Cake 1000 Dress- Pihu will do party with friends. Mummy, where will we do the party? Which sweets are we going to order? You are worried only for sweets. Don’t worry, you will get sweets. great mom. You are planning my birthday. 1 thing is missing. What? Everything is covered Madam. My Gift? Hmmm. I forgot your gift. OK, I have added gift. Pihu what do you want as a gift? Mummy, a

big toy OR else many chocolates. No Whatever Pihu wants…. I will take a very nice gift this year. Tell I have to think…. Mummy, give a new car. She is small. She will take car when she will grow old. Mummy, what gift will you give to sister? What should I take? Son, your sister will think and tell us. Mummy, then atleast buy something for me. What do you want? You can a buy a nice toy for me. Watch? A nice car… Game? Why for you? It is your sister’s birthday !!! Cycle ? I already got. Mom, then 1 chocolate? OK, I will buy 1 chocolate. Mummy, can I get 10 chocolates? What ? 10 chocolates !!! 10 ? OK, I will but 10 chocolates. No mom.

You buy a chocolate store for me. Then, there will be no need to buy chocolates any more. Oho… You think you are very smart !!! That, I buy you a chocolate store. Yes mom, I am very smart. Yes Aayu is very smart. He will eat all the chocolates. Also won’t share any chocolates with me. Go away… My sweet mom…. Please buy so many chocolates. Look at me…. Oho….. Aayu, don’t do drama. My sister is better than you. Sister let us play game in Tab. Yes come. Oho…. Like sister – Like Brother…

Go play. We will play a new game. Yes sister Sister, this game is looking nice. Then, shall we download it – Yes I am unable to download it. Why sister Because memory of Tab is full. This Tab is very old also. Sister 1 Idea !!! Why not we purchase a new mobile – As Birthday Gift !!! Yes Aayu See, I am very smart. Yes, you are very smart in these things. Aayu, which mobile should we purchase? The best one.

Let us search…. We will pruchase this one. Yes this one. But aayu this is very costly. Sister look, it is not costly. Only 16 Rs. No, it is 16 thousand. No Issues sister. Your birthday comes once a year. Mummy will buy it for you. What if Mom says no ? Don’t worry sister. I am here. I will ask mummy. You remember, I agreed mummy for the party. She will agree for mobile also. Come sister. Mummy what are you doing?

I am cleaning…. Mummy you must be tired now. Leave it, we will do it. Mummy sit here. We will do it. Mummy look, I will show you a new way of cleaning. Like this Cleaned Yes, very innovative way of cleaning. In morning, I will blow air from mouth, everywhere Everything will be cleaned. Take care, don’t break anything. Done Mummy, I got tired Sister shall we play game? Mummy you also play with us. Come play with us. Which game? Mom, I will download a new game.

OK Sister this game. Mom it is not working. What happened? Memory of this TAB is over. It is also very old. So mom. Shall we purchase new mobile for sister’s birthday gift. Yes mom. You have done some planning? Planning ? Which planning ? No…. True… Yes I will show this to daddy, in the evening. He will repair. Mom, it is only 16000. Shh…. OK You have made this plan. That you will play with mom. and demand for a new TAB. We don’t want a tablet. We want mobile. Oho.

You want a new mobile. Ohoooo…… Have you seen your faces. Don’t make a fool out of me. Keep this with you. Daddy will repair in evening. No new mobile. What now? I have already told you. Mom will say no. I have another way !!! Come and try. Mom !!! You are very beautiful !!! OK…. Very Sweet Sweet Oho…. Why are you buttering !!! Sweet Mom Agree To Kids – (Kids Song) Pihu And Aayu Needs New Mobile Sweet Mom Agree To Kids – (Kids Song) Pihu And Aayu Needs New Mobile No you will not get it. It is worth 16000. After That Do Not Buy Anything For Us !!! Pihu And Aayu Needs New Mobile Speak Loudly Jai

Mata Di Say Loudly We want mobile !!! Say loudly, We want mobile !!! We want mobile !!! OK Yeah, We have got new mobile – Kids dancing. Wait…. Your father will decide. Sister will get a mobile or not? Let us watch. All of us ! Daddy you came? Yes my son. What are you doing Aayu ? Daddy, I am playing a game. mom I will give water to dad. OK, flattering !!! Phone ringing…. Daddy talking over phone… – Why are not picking my phone? – – Don’t you know it is march ending? – –

I also have to make payment to company – – By tomorrow, I must get payment in my account – – Yes, Do it anyhow – Did you asked for the mobile? No No, dad is in a bad mood. Mom, please help. OK, I will talk to your father. But, I am not sure. You are my sweet mother. Don’t do buttering. What happened ? Nothing, these clients. You Know. In march, they are not making payments. They want delivery on time, but delaying payment. I also have to make payment to company.

Now don’t take so much tension. Get fresh. I will bring dinner. Why so much tension of business. Ok, I am also hungry. Look. Daddy is in a bad mood. What will we do now? Come on watch Together Daddy – Soup for you. Thank You Shall I take your office bag? Wow. Pihu is helping so much. Daddy, I want to say something. Yes say. My Birthday is about to come. Oh Yes. Pihu’s birthday is about to come. Mom, come here. Yes. Pihu’s birthday is about to come. Have you planned for her birthday? Yes, I have prepared a list. Yes, In the copy beneath. Cake, New Dress….

The gift is pending. OK, gift is pending. Hmmm. So what gift do you want? I want a Mobile. OK, do 1 thing. My wallet is there. Take it. Take money from my wallet. But, Papa only 300 Rs. is there in your purse. What do you want to purchase? Mobile… What? What do you want? Mobile Our Tablet, is now very old and not working. My child… Mobile at this time. You know, we are tight on budget. What is the price of mobile? It Is ….. 6 6 thousand ? No Then 1…. 6…. 1 Thousand? 1600 ? Then what? Is it 16 thousand ? What a mobile of 16000? I don’t have it. I have a 6000 mobile. You want costly mobile for playing games and chatting. NEW MOBILE CHAHIYE A Short Movie Aayu and Pihu Show

My child. I will give you a gift on your birthday. You also make the kids understand. I will bring some gift for you on your birthday. Listen …. Yes Purchase that mobile for her. She is asking for a very costly mobile. You know our budget condition. Then explain to her. Ok, I will speak to her. It is her birthday. What are you doing Pihu madam ? I was playing game. What ? Playing game. Ok Mom has made birthday party planning. Is it OK? What do you want for gift? What happened? Say… You don’t want. You got angry from your daddy. My child. You have grown up now. You should understand. We have so many household expenses. What is the price of that mobile ? 16000 Does your daddy has that much costly mobile? Let us do something. I have an idea.

You will get this mobile. Really Yes really. But I have a condition. What? You have to earn 16000… How will I earn? You don’t do a job. Then you cannot earn. But you can save that amount. How? OK Mom, made this plan for your birthday party. Left side is birthday party kitty / budget. On right side, I have mobile kitty. In your birthday party.

The cake will come for 1000. If you don’t want a cake? Then I can add that 1000 in your mobile budget. What do you want? Cake / Mobile? Mobile You want new dress? Or, you can wear dress, which you bought last month ? No, I don’t want. For your gift I kept a budget of …. 2000 Rs. I will add that 2000 in mobile budget as well. Now it is 10700 Rs. How much remaining? 5300 more. What else you can save ? We planned to go to water park. Water Park? You don’t want to go there? No No, NEW MOBILE CHAHIYE A Short Movie Aayu and Pihu Show

I want to go. You want to go to water park? Now both of you can decide. OK. With new mobile both of us are going to play. So, cancel water park. Cancel OK, water park ticket was about…. Around 3000 Rs. What else are you going to save? Pocket money. Hmmmm. What is your monthly pocket money? 300 per month. For how long, will you leave your pocket money? 1 year Both of you think again. Birthday party is cancelled. No Cake No new dress, no new shoes Return gift Water Park Pocket money of 1 year. Sure You don’t want? OK Now you are happy ? We should be happy on birth day. OK, now play Aayu didn’t asked for chocolate. So a b

ig chocolate for aayu. This is Aayu’s chocolate. Laughing This is Pihu’s chocolate. I don’t want…. Kids playing with father. Mom also joins…. OK OK OK OK Come here Tomorrow we will buy a new mobile for your sister. Done. When will I get ? What? New mobile Take this pillow. Laughing Where are you going? Story is not finished yet. Father has just agreed till now. Sister will get a new mobile or not. Together Pihu Take this What is this? Money for your mobile phone. 16000 Now, you can go with mom and buy a mobile. No, with you, With me? Child, I am getting late for office. Let us go now. OK, get ready fast. Where are going? Oh, he also came. Sister I will also go. OK, get ready fast. OK, I will come in 2 mins. Pihu, bring aayu along. I am waiting. Aayu & Pihu come fast. Coming let us go dad So dad we will not have a party no, and my 1 year’s pocket money Kid you only said it to me yesterday I do not want a mobile why? No, no I want a mobile phone No whatever sister wishes will happen

Who’s birthday is it? Sister we want a mobile For this mobile, I will have to let go of my birthday party water park and pocket money too I can not let go of that much You want your pocket money? that is why I will play games in the old tablet Even I was telling you the same thing yesterday But in mobile only 2 people can play and in water park 4 people would play yes Aayu has gotten smart We will go to the water park to enjoy and you will get the pocket money for whole year What happened? You daughter has gotten smart She has agreed, she does not want a such an expensive mobile Dad your Money

What should I do with it? Our new session is starting Use this for our books and school fees Pihu has become very smart She is greatly inspired by me she is inspired by me No me no me Yes she is inspired by Aayu no not at all Aayu So what did you learn from this story? That we should not buy a chocolate shop That we should not waste our money on expensive toys and gifts yes Because mom dad earn this money with a lot of hard work so we should not waste this money ideally Why are you eating there? come here cut, cut It’s ok I will get your birthday gift I can not stop laughing What happened? He is stupid What are you doing kid? You will make the whole video into blooper only NEW MOBILE CHAHIYE A Short Movie Aayu and Pihu Show

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